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Why Web Design Company Says No To Custom Web Design?

Perhaps a decade ago, there was a trend of custom web design, especially in Miami under the name of Custom web design Miami. Customization of the websites was in the market standard whenever we talked of web design in Miami. And the word Template was such a taboo. Speaking of this word was a big “NO” because all the customers wanted to have only their and their vision in the website, without having any knowledge about actual web designing. Well, the decade has passed and now there is a difference in the market. Perhaps it’s a turn back in the market. The US market is turning back to the specified template oriented web design services. Well, there are reasons for which the web design companies in the USA say no to custom web design, detailed as follows:


  • Great design comes with the experience:


Customization of the website basically means that the client speaks in authority than a web developer does. But in reality, a high-experienced web designer definitely knows much more than the customer knows. The customer at maximum will know about the visual appearance of the website but it will be a rare case if the client actually knows about the functionality of the website. Therefore, listening to the customer fully and neglecting the technical requirements of the website is going to bring a disaster. After all, most of the bossy clients end up destroying the websites after designing them with their visions. The web designing companies in the USA have understood by now that just going by client’s directions to satisfy them is not sufficient in the business. Other than visuals, the technological quality matters, therefore most of the web design companies in the USA deny the custom web design. 

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  • Users have nothing to do with customization:


The websites are designed for users. Yet the users have nothing to do with the design of the website. Or probably to a smaller extent, the clients do care about the website design but not more than the content and service functions on it. Customization of the website in the design point of view might just overshadow the importance of web functions and content. Although, the secondary research has shown that only 10% of customers look at the website for the design aspects but over 76% of the users look for quality content and functions which makes the website customization unnecessary.


  • The design shall follow the function:


The function of the website is the far most important thing on the website, design often comes second. Well, the first impression is the last impression does not fit here. While customized design can make your website look good but it also can tamper with the functionality of your website. Therefore, the function should not follow the form but the form should follow the function. This means that the design should be created based on functionality. Fitting the function into the design is certainly wrong. That is why now the template is one thing that is coming back in the trend.


  • Unlike a decade ago, themes and templates are great now: 


If it comes to giving our opinion to the templates and themes from a decade ago, we would never recommend one to go for those. But the time has changed drastically, and so are the templates and themes. The themes and templates nowadays are excellent. The templates make easy web design and development and it also saves time for the developers. Since template design offers a high level of functionality and all the features are already tested for the function, which is why template design is totally in.  Therefore, template-based web design is back in the market trends but slight customization like a change of icons, or fonts, etc, is still performed for the customer’s satisfaction. Template web design still offers a very inexpensive service such as at $50 you get a responsive website template which makes the process much more worth performing.


  • Sales Perspective:


It is true that website users are no different than website designers when it comes to the appearance of the website. After all, a clean, organized and aesthetically advance website would definitely attract the users. There is a high chance of purchases being made on your website if your website looks neat and clean. Therefore, almost every Web design company in the USA relies on the aesthetically good looking website templates. This helps in making sure that the design and functionality of the website are up to the best.


  • Cost Perspective:


As discussed earlier, template web design is an inexpensive thing to perform as compared to custom web design. Well, it is also time convenient to go for theme-oriented web development. The team of web designers spends a lot of time on the custom design of the website but if the template is used, the designers can design 4 functionally high-tech websites at the same time. The custom web design makes money but it cannot make the same money you earn in 4 template website designs. That is why template web design is not just functional but it is also lucrative. Therefore, sales and profit differentiation are much more effective with template web design. 


  • You can design and develop your own website:


Customization of the website might not be everyone’s cup of tea but developing your website by using a template can be your task. Yes, you can develop your own website by using an aesthetically good looking template, because the coding is already done in the template. All you need to do is insert content and images to your template and get the website live on the web domain. 

These are a couple of reasons for what the web design companies in the USA say NO to custom web design.


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